Brian Yeagle

Full name, age, and place of residence?

Michael Bernell Aitken, 26, S.L.C., Utah.

Who are your sponsors?

Rockstar Energy, Fox Clothing, FitBikeCo, Odyssey, Lotek, 50/50 bike shop.

What year did you start riding and why?

1993, My dad swapped engines for a guy named Biff and he traded my dad a Jmc Andy Patterson junior frame as partial payment.

What was your first bike setup?

My first bike was a 12″ mongoose but my first race bike was that Jmc Andy Patterson series with blade forks, uni seat,ukase rims with bulletproof hubs, oh yeah dk stem & answer bars.

Who were your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 1997?

Chris Stauffer, Kris Bennett, Groundchuck, Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich.

Who are your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 2010?

Corey Bohan, Chris Doyle, U.K Robo, Tate Roskelley, Mike Mastroni.

Who do you ride with the most?

Elf, Matt Beringer, Tate Roskelley, Skier, Owen Aitken.

Name one thing that you wish would disappear from BMX.


What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

If I had to guess it would be that I am cocky, I just keep to myself until I know you.

Favorite spot of all time?

A little trail spot in P.A.

Spot/country/city that you’d most like to visit?

Any where the wind wants to take me I’m down with.

Top 3 favorite movies?

Smokey & the Bandit, Goonies & Fubar.

3 bands that you currently listen to?

Johnny Cash, Swinging Utters & Slayer.

No session would be complete without _______?


What would you like to see more of in BMX?

Fun, I think reasoning gets f-d up because there’s a little more money & sponsorship involved.

Name 3 people that you wish could be on every trip with you.

Pretty much the old Square One team, good times.

Name 3 inspirational people in your life.

My wife & son have been a huge inspiration to me, my whole family, friends, music, & God.