Brian Yeagle

Name, age, and place of residence?

Mark Adam Mulville, 26, Pittsburgh PA.

Who are your sponsors?

Profile Racing, Subrosa, Square One Clothing, Sun Rims.

What year did you start riding and why?

I’d say around 1995 or so.. As for getting into it, my brother, myself and the rest of the kids on our block had little bmx bikes, and we would all just cruise up to McDonalds to get happy meals and shit and my brother would always bunny hop over stuff and jump off curbs and do one handers and one footers and then we all started doing them to follow my big brother. The more he learned, the more we learned, and that’s how it all started.

What was your first bike setup?

I sold my YZ 80 dirtbike and bought a Diamondback Igniter!

Who were your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 1997?

Punjab, Kris Bennett, Groundchuck, Todd Walkowiak, Jeff Harrington.

Who are your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 2010?

Geoff Slattery, Chris Doyle, Darin Read, Bryce Toole, Brian Yeagle.

Who do you ride with the most?

Bobby Valentine, Bryce Toole, Ryan Wert, and the rest of the Pittsburgh scene.

Name one thing that you wish would disappear from BMX.

Clothes!!! I think we should all be naked.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

Umm, not to sure! People always think i’m shorter in person.

Favorite spot of all time?

Posh, hands down!

Spot/country/city that you’d most like to visit?

I’d love to ride those wild spots out in the NorthWest. As for a country to visit, I wanna see them all.. and Paris is a city I’ve always wanted to visit.

Top 3 favorite movies?

This is a hard one for sure, so I’ll just think off the top of my head at the moment. Braveheart, Hot Tub Time Machine, Wet Hot American Summer.

3 bands that you currently listen to?

Deer Tick, Foreign Born, Against Me!

No session would be complete without _______?

My buddies.

What are you thinking of when you’re about to do something scary on your bike?

Gummy bears, food, beer.

Name 3 people that you wish could be on every trip with you?

Bobby Valentine, Bryce Toole, Joey Juaristi.

Funniest moment so far while filming for Anthem 2?

Staying at my old apartment and Stew betting Ryan Wert he couldn’t do the milk chug challenge… that was funny and gross.

Is there going to be a sick karaoke setup at the Anthem 2 premiere?

If Violent Cougar doesn’t end up playing, then I sure hope so. I wanna do some karaoke now actually.

True or false? First concert was KISS?


What is the best thing that riding bmx has brought you?

Best friends and best travels I could ever ask for.

Where did your gyro go? And why did you sell out to the straight cable?

I have no idea where it went really, but once it was gone, I was sure glad. I was glad that the worry of 15 cables and metal things hanging all over the place was finally done with.

Bonus question from Sean Burns: If Charlie Chaplin did superman seat grab indian airs, would his cane and hat come into play for an even bigger combo or would his old timey humorous baggy pants cause him to only do no footed top hats?

I think he would just look magical!