Brian Yeagle

Full name, age, and place of residence?

Clint John Reynolds, 24, Derry, NH.

Who are your sponsors?

Eastern Boarder bike shop, Bicycle Union, Etnies flow, and GTR.

What year did you start riding and why?

1997, I had some good friends that rode and we built some little jumps that we would ride all day. My Pops is real into bikes as well and would bring me down to the BMX track when I was little and I was blown away at the older dudes shredding the track.

What was your first bike setup?

My Pops actually built my first BMX bike. That thing was so sick! It was a tiny cruiser frame with double butted Reynolds racing tubing, 990 brake mounts, and euro BB. That thing was the envy of all my friends.

Who were your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 1998?

I was only 13 in 1998, and the internet didn’t really happen yet, so basically the dudes living up the road from my house. This one dude Ed Agri was a shredder, he had some sick style and would boost the trails.

Who are your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 2010?

Basically all my buds. Matty, Nutter, Yeagle, Foster, and all the dudes down in PA.

Who do you ride with the most?

Nutter, that dude is constant entertainment on and off a bike.

Name one thing that you wish would disappear from BMX.


What would you like to see more of in BMX?

Bodacious broads.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

That I don’t eat meat, everyone thinks I’m vegetarian or vegan.

Favorite spot of all time?

PA woods, the place cannot be topped.

Spot/country/city that you’d most like to visit?

Seoul, Korea, I got some family over there and it would be sick to visit.

Top 3 favorite movies?

MAD MAX, BMX Bandits, Bound for Glory.

3 bands that you currently listen to?

The Felice Brothers, Woody Guthrie, Trouble.

No session would be complete without _______?

Table top, pancake, flattie, panny.

What are you thinking when you’re about to do something dangerous on your bike?

I got this?

Name 3 people that you wish could be on every trip with you.

Yeagle, Matty, Nutter.

Who is your favorite character from the movie “Goonies”?

Data, the little Asian kid that had all the crazy gadgets and was making mods.

Describe what happens when Yeagle has a bad day of riding.

Yeagle turns into Captain Stress and no one is safe. But he gets over it pretty quick and is smiling in no time.

Funniest moment so far while filming for Anthem 2?

Probably almost dying on the big hip at the east side trails, or riding the back to back tandem with Burns.

Favorite Nutter story?

When he got attacked by that shark.

What was your first mod?

Probably being born and cutting the umbilical cord.

Who is G.T.R. and how big of an ape is he?

GTR is my father, and he is a huge ape. He has always been inventing and modifying things for as long as I can remember.

What made you want to start your own bike company (Credence)?

I was working for my father all through high school building bikes, and was really into BMX, So I built some BMX frames. All my friends were psyched on the bike, then Credence was born.

What do you look for in a Credence team rider?

Solid dude, basically a good friend.

When is Credence gonna hit “The Big Time”?


Are you and Stevie Nicks really “boys”?

For sure. Still can’t let that one go, huh?

Bonus question from Sean Burns:You’re stuck in Zimbabwe on an African vegetable remote control dune buggy safari, your dune buggy breaks down and you are only left with 17ft of gardening hoses, a box of old vhs pornos, a battery powered my buddy doll that speaks 7 languages and a table fork, are you able to get the buggy running again?

First, I would barter for parts I needed with the natives using the buddy doll to translate and the vhs pornos as merchandise. Then before you know it, bingo bango, I’m back in New Hampshire.