Brian Yeagle

Full name, age, and place of residence?

Christopher Douglas Doyle, 29, Pittsburgh, PA.

Who are your sponsors?

Kink Bicycles, DC Shoes and Apparel, Duo Brand, Action Village, Demolition.

What year did you start riding and why?

93? 94? Not sure of the exact year. I started riding because… well… it looked so bad-ass and dangerous to me. I soon realized that I had a lot of friends that felt the same way and it went from there.

What was your first bike setup?

My first “real” bike was a Diamondback “Assault”. It was all chrome and overall pretty sick.

Who were your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 1998?

Brian Foster, Kris Bennett, Joey Garcia, Colin Winkelmann, and Jay Miron.

Who are your top 5 favorite riders to watch in 2010?

Corey Bohan, Chase Hawk, Brian Yeagle, Brian Foster, and Gary Young.

Who are some riders/influences that you still look up to?

Said it before and I’ll say it again, Brian Foster. 38 years old and still looking better on his bike than most.

Who do you ride with the most?

Tom Arkus, Ryan Popple, Mark Potoczny, Yeagle (when he’s healthy), and Greg Sumida.

Name one thing that you wish would disappear from BMX?

Just how cut-throat BMX is. It’s a selfish industry and needs/deserves direction and unification that we can’t obtain from blogs and websites. God, I hate to make the BMX to Skateboarding comparison, BUT, “skateboarding fights the man, BMX fights itself” — Kathy Mcgrath.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

The whole “nice guy” thing. Well… I mean, I’m nice, but I can still talk shit with the best of ‘em.

Favorite spot of all time?

Our old trail spot back in Pittsburgh, Section 22 trails. R.I.P.

Spot/country/city that you’d most like to visit?

Despite popular opinion, I really love Europe, especially England and France. Strong trail scenes over there.

Top 3 favorite movies?

The Big Lebowski, Dumb and Dumber, Back to the Future trilogy.

3 bands that you currently listen to?

Arcade Fire, Band of Horses, and Dinosaur Jr.

No session would be complete without _______?


What would you like to see more of in BMX?

More trails, more original thought, more unification.

What are you thinking when you’re about to try something dead man on your bike?

I try to turn my brain off and rely on instinct. Over thinking shit will kill you.

Name 3 people that you wish could be on every trip with you?

Will Stroud, Ryan Barrett, and Cory Muth.

Funniest moment so far while filming for Anthem 2?

Listening to Clint Reynolds change out two pairs of cranks in the back of a completely blacked out van while driving through the bumpy streets of London.

How did you get the nickname Chris “The Demon” Doyle, and why doesn’t it stick?

Well, McGoo gave me the nickname “The D man” back in ’99. Then, a year later, I filled out a questionnaire for the Gravity Games website and it asked if I had any nicknames, naturally, I put “The D man” in that category. At the Gravity Games there was a booklet that all the spectators got to help them spot the athletes. In my bio it read, “Chris ‘The Demon’ Doyle”. My peers had a field day with that and called me “The Demon” the entire weekend. Even the announcer would say, “next up, Chris “The Demon” Doyle!!”. I simply don’t think I’m intimidating enough to keep the nickname going but there’s more than a few people that still call me that.

You’re originally from NC, what made you want to move to Pittsburgh?

Well, in a sense, Pittsburgh chose me. Like most BMXers in their early 20′s, I spent a majority of my time traveling around, sleeping on couches, and just living the life; riding everyday and hanging out with friends. I found myself in Pittsburgh for the summer of 2002 just riding trails and parks and having a blast…. then I met a girl… then I bought a house… and, bam! Pittsburgh is home. Now, me and “that girl” are getting married and Pittsburgh has yet to let me down riding wise. So, here I am, living in Pittsburgh, PA with NC pride.

What keeps you motivated to film video parts, learn new tricks and continue riding so hard after being in it for so long?

To start, I WISH I could say that I’ve been learning a ton of new tricks lately but I really haven’t. My motivations are simple though; the satisfaction that I get from riding, shooting a good photo, or finishing a video part that I’ve busted my ass for is one that I can’t see myself achieving with something else. Plus, it gives me a perfectly chiseled body.