Anthem II 2-DVD Disc Collection

Release Date: December 1st, 2010

After 13 years Anthem returns with a new generation paying homage to the brave in Anthem II. Nearly 3 years in production, Anthem II features highly anticipated sections from Mike Aitken, Sean Burns, Chris Doyle, Mark Mulville, Clint Reynolds, Geoff Slattery and Brian Yeagle, edited in raw B&W like it’s predecessor. Shot on location throughout England, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Utah, Texas, California, Massachusetts, and the backwoods of Pennsylvania.

The Anthem II double disc box set features Anthem II and a completely digitally re-mastered Anthem I (1997) on a single DVD. A second DVD features some of our favorite videos from the Anthem I era:

DVD Extras

DVD Extras
Scum 1201 1995 36 min.
Scum Lights Out! 1996 27 min.
Anthem I Home of the Brave 1997 26 min.
Trend Bike Source Trend 1999 1999 30 min.
FBM One-Footed Dead Sailor 1993 26 min.
P.U.S.H. Tweekers 1995 25 min.
Ryan Brennan Soil 1996 45 min.

Limited Editon Autographed Rider Posters

Each DVD will include 1 of the following 7 (randomly selected) limited edition, 18×24 autographed rider posters:

Aitken posterBurns posterDoyle posterReynolds posterMulville posterSlattery posterYeagle poster